Success Stories

Everything looked fine on the outside. Michelle was running pedal to the metal on the most exciting project of her career, and her company was thrilled with the results.

But Michelle knew it was not sustainable. She felt wave after wave of demands coming at her, and never had a chance to catch her breath. Work was taking every ounce of energy, leaving no time or energy for her life outside of work. Professionally, she worried that she was working flat out but still wouldn’t hit her sales targets. Personally, she was hanging on by a thread.

That is, until she made a change…

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Endorsements and Reviews

“Really great leaders need to work on themselves. To be effective in this environment, we need to take care of who we are as leaders to sustain our well-being and effectiveness. In The Inner Edge, Joelle Jay helps define the leaders of the future, and this book will show them how to define themselves.”

Cece Sutton
President, Retail Banking Group
Morgan Stanley

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The Author

Joelle K. Jay

Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D., is a principal at the global leadership development firm, Leadership Research Institute. As an executive coach, author and speaker, Joelle helps leaders achieve top performance and business results. Her clients include presidents, vice presidents, and C-level executives in Fortune 500 companies. Joelle is the author of The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership… 

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The Book

High achieving leaders want to excel in their lives while benefitting their companies with extraordinary results.

Unfortunately, they are also painfully aware of the sacrifice it takes to get there.

The Inner Edge shows leaders the ideal strategy for achieving their vision and goals while protecting their quality of life.

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