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Now what? There are several steps you can take now to elevate yourself as a leader and continue to advance your career.

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1. Reflect on your results.

  • Where did you score high? These are areas where you naturally excel, have experience and skill, and are most likely to succeed. Leverage them!
  • Where did you score low? These are areas that need your attention, otherwise no matter how good of a leader you are, they’ll get in the way of your progress. Address them!
  • What one question intrigues you most? This is the area that is most urgent and relevant for you now. Prioritize your learning in this area.

2. Read The Inner Edge.

  • Every item in The Inner Edge Self-Assessment corresponds to a chapter in The Inner Edge. Based on your answers above, read the chapters that interest you most. You’ll learn:
    • Why leaders need to engage in each practice of personal leadership
    • What they lose if they don’t – and what they gain if they do
    • How to master each practice to achieve your vision and goals.

3. Stay on the list!

  • I’ll be sending out articles and insights on all of the ten practices, as well as highlights from my coaching and interviews with today’s most successful leaders in business. Stay tuned!

4. Get your Weekly Reminders.

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5. Schedule a 1-Hour Debrief.

  • All of those are great options for advancing your leadership and your career, but some of you will want to do more than that. Everyone who takes The Inner Edge Self-Assessment is invited to an exclusive 1-hour debrief with one of our insightful, experienced coaches. This option will become available soon!

Once again, congratulations on taking the first step to give yourself every advantage as a leader. Remember to watch for your responses to be emailed to you, and join me for your Weekly Reminders, 52 Steps Along the Inner Edge.