Client Reviews

Results in performance and accomplishments

“Leadership Circles was a perfect fit for our emerging Microsoft leaders. It allowed participants to engage with coaches and their peers to enhance their leadership development and learning, and provided them an individualized roadmap that met their needs, goals and aspirations. Many participants thanked me for the incredible opportunity, and they noticed (along with their managers) results in their performance and accomplishments. The best part about the program is that although it is structured in its learnings and content, the program is individualized for each person. The program enables an individualized approach vs. a cookie cutter approach, giving participants a real, actionable development plan. I also loved the year-long aspect. The continuity of the program over time helped to make learning stick.”

Kristen Martyka, HR Business Partner

It’s a double win.

“At Adobe, we build high performing global teams and in order to do that, we want to attract the best talent in the market. When we provide an environment that supports women’s continued growth and development, our female employees are even more engaged and will continue to recruit exceptional talent into the company. When you love your job, you’ll be good at it, so from a sales perspective, it helps drive Adobe’s business. It’s a double win.”

Matt Thompson, Executive Vice President, WorldWide Field Operations

“The values that I came up with as guideposts in my life. This whole process just brings so much clarity around decisions I’m trying to make. It’s just it just makes it so clear.”

Anonymous, Leadership Circle Member

You helped me dig deep

“The leadership Circles program has been the best gift that I have received from Adobe. Over the past 16 years of employment, I have accumulated all kinds of awards, letters of acknowledgment, certificates and honorary plaques. I have cashed in handsome bonuses, stock options, and gift cards. None of those come close to the satisfaction that I am experiencing from being part of this transformational experience. Cathleen Swody, my coach, the rest of your team and yourself made it happen for me. You helped me dig deep to find my inner strengths. You helped channel my energy and focus on what's important and let go of the little things. I owe it to my manager, Lynn Grillo, who recommended me to this program, she is my biggest advocate. I am thrilled to be part of this fantastic, energetic, and goal achieving team.”

Noha Edell, Senior Sales Consultant

Solve problems faster and with more confidence

"The class has shown me that I’m not alone. Many people are experiencing the same struggles. As a result of this program, I am more likely to engage with other employees allowing me to solve problems faster and with more confidence."

Program Participant

We’re out on the front lines together

"Leadership Circles has been extremely helpful to me. I have incorporated [the concepts and strategies into my work with my team]. I love how this LCP opportunity has made me think more consciously about the personal connection in a more professional way. Tying personal goals into the check in has helped my team feel like I’m connected to them, and I’m pushing them professional and personally. Now I feel like we’re out on the front lines together. We’re more connected. Leadership Circles has helped me find that way."

Cheryl Gennings

Now there are opportunities

“One of the goals of the company is increasing women in sales and particularly in leadership roles. The LCP program aligns to that naturally. It identifies top producing women and encourages them to stay with the company and to grow into positions of leadership. In the past that would tend to be management positions, and a lot of us as entrepreneurs never saw ourselves as managers, but now there are opportunities to be team leaders and managers.”

Gail Linn, Financial Advisor

I love it! I love it! I love it!

“I am absolutely enjoying the experience. It’s a program where you get to grow, develop, learn about yourself, self-reflect, and you get the opportunity to be who you want to be! It’s really good and exciting, really good information, and I love it! I love it I love it I love it I love it!”

Tia Van Gaver, Director of Operations

You don’t have time not to do this program

“This program is one of the tools that should be used to help senior producers actually break through to the next level. I’ve heard people say I don’t have time to do this. I think, you don’t have time not to do this program. If you’re going to stay in this business you’ve got to stay one step ahead of what other people in the business are doing. People who are successful in this business are doing the things other people are not willing to do.”

Pam Hoppe, Financial Advisor
New England Financial