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The individual worksheets from The Inner Edge are available here in a digital interactive format. You will find almost all of the worksheets from the book, plus a synopsis of every chapter and bonus material.

theinneredgeworkbook_161For your convenience, all worksheets and bonuses have been combined into one complete set in a downloadable PDF called The Workbook, available for $15.95.

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Additional bonus Chapters, new strategies, and extras for Inner Edge readers are also available in the eBook called The Extension, available for $18.95.

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Preview of The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership

The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership [Bonus]

Introduction: The Inner Edge

The First Practice: Get Clarity

The Second Practice: Find Focus

The Third Practice: Take Action

The Fourth Practice: Tap into Your Brilliance

The Fifth Practice: Feel Fulfillment

The Sixth Practice: Maximize Your Time

The Seventh Practice: Build Your Team

The Eighth Practice: Keep Learning

The Ninth Practice: See Possibility

The Tenth Practice: All… All at Once

Conclusion: Leading on the Edge

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